But I Told You Last Year That I Loved You

by Sue Hepworth

Available since June 2011

clever, funny, subtle, wry, sad and uplifting all at once… Sue Hepworth writes thoughtfully and insightfully, and with such tenderness and humourJudith Murray, literary agent

Writing about autism and Asperger's syndrome is notorious for the ways in which it frequently cannot resist the lure of the sensational and the spectacular. All too often the condition of autism, and individuals and characters with it, are turned into objects of belittling fascination for a reading audience, often as not more than performing sideshows. What is so refreshing about Sue Hepworth's But I Told You Last Year That I Loved You is that it avoids all these traps and rather presents Asperger's as a normal, if idiosyncratic, part of everyday life that elicits frustration, comedy and tenderness all at the same time. Hepworth's achievement in making the condition both distinctive and unspectacular, and weaving this into a narrative of romantic and family life, displays a genuinely subtle understanding of how autism - this most contemporary of conditions - worksStuart Murray, Professor of Contemporary Literature and Film at Leeds University, and author of Representing Autism (Liverpool University Press 2008.)

Frances has been married to Sol since the beginning of time. He is eccentric and difficult to live with, but she finds him endearing and very funny, even while wanting to strangle him with his own jogging bottoms. Now, something threatens to split them apart. Frances wants one thing and Sol wants another, and there is no way to compromise. But I told you last year that I loved you is a portrait of a mature marriage at a crossroads — intimate, funny, tender and honest.

Who will buy this book? Readers of Anne Tyler, Nora Ephron, Joanna Trollope, Mavis Cheek, Elinor Lipman. Aimed mainly at women over 35, but it will appeal to more thoughtful younger women. Judging by the popularity with men of one of the author‘s earlier titles — Plotting for Beginners — it may also appeal to older men. Set near Bakewell in the Derbyshire Peak District, the book will have an especially strong appeal to locals, and to the millions who visit the Peak each year.

About the author: Before becoming a writer, Sue Hepworth worked as a research psychologist, a social researcher and a full time mother. She has been a frequent contributor to The Times and has been published in The Guardian, The Observer and The Independent. Her earlier novels are Plotting for Beginners and Zuzu’s Petals (the former written with Jane Linfoot.) Sue lives in the Derbyshire Peak District and writes a regular blog at suehepworth.com.

Praise for the author‘s previous titles:

Plotting for Beginners
“Funny, quirky…different, refreshing, and spot-on with its observations” The Guardian;
“Dangerously addictive” BBC Radio;
“Amusing and unpretentious” The Times;
“Wonderfully funny… enormously satisfying, well-written and perfectly-plotted” Trashionista;
“Charming, intelligent and side-splittingly funny” Lynne Barrett-Lee;
“Buoyant and charming… hilarious bursts of verve and wit” E Online.
Zuzu‘s Petals
“Full of warmth and wit, this is a romantic and often very moving novel, with a wonderful cast of characters” Lucy Diamond

Title: But I told you last year that I loved you
Genre: Adult fiction
ISBN: 978-0-9568457-0-2
Author: Sue Hepworth
Publisher: Delicately Nuanced
Publication date: June 9th 2011
Size: 198 x 129 mm
RRP: £7.99